Buyers & Sellers

For Buyers

It is much more complex to purchase Muskoka lakefront property than it is to purchase residential property off water. There are more things to take into consideration that purchasers may not have had previous experience with.

This is why it is important to choose a Realtor who has the extensive knowledge, skills and experience necessary to lead you safely through the process of purchasing Muskoka Real Estate.

In our Services for Buyers we:
  • Explain “Agency”and the related documents to ensure you understand how Real Estate law pertains to our work on your behalf.
  • Use our extensive statistical analysis of the Muskoka Real Estate market over a seven year cycle to help you to see trends and current market conditions.
  • Provide you with information about Muskoka and the communities within it, to assist you to narrow your geographic search.
  • Help you to define your needs and priorities as they pertain to cottage life to define the attributes you are looking for in a cottage.
  • Provide you with a viewing guide which helps you to objectively evaluate each cottage you visit.
  • Provide you with resources and information you may require about bylaws, renovation and construction.
  • Assist you to negotiate a satisfactory purchase.
  • Provide any assistance you require as a follow up to your purchase.

For Sellers

In our experience, the most common objectives sought by our clients are:

  • Getting the best possible price for your property
  • In the least amount of time.
  • With a minimum amount of inconvenience.

We leave nothing to chance in our detailed plan to assist you with your Muskoka Real Estate sale.

In our Services for Sellers we:
  • Do an analysis of the Muskoka Real Estate market as it pertains to the market value of your property and assist you to settle on an appropriate list price.
  • Provide you with statistics for a seven year period of trends in the Muskoka Real Estate market.
  • Create a marketing plan specific to your cottage property, highlighting the best attributes and features.
  • Review the selling process to ensure all steps in the process are fully understood.
  • Review the legal documents used in the selling process and provide explanatory resources which you keep to refer back to.
  • Carry out the listing process and implement the marketing plan.
  • Provide timely feedback from all showings.
  • Provide regular updates as properties similar to yours sell or come onto the market.
  • Provide a complete written documentation of all actions taken on your behalf every second week.
  • Use our skills to assist you to negotiate a successful sale of the property.
  • Provide support and resources for all needs encountered during the selling process and completion of the sale.