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Muskoka Docks

Damage and Reconstruction

If a cottage, boathouse or dock is damaged and has to be taken down, there is a limited time within which it must be reconstructed. If one of your old docks fall apart, don’t delay in getting it rebuilt, or you may find you have lost to right to have it with any grandfathered rights to location or coverage. Simply having the cribs still sitting in the water is not enough. Check with your Municipality to know what the time limit is you have to maintain your grandfathered rights to coverage or location. You would hate to have a situation in which you have lost some of the value of your property because you were not timely in rebuilding a dock or outbuilding in a grandfathered situation.

46 Ideabooks for Muskoka Cottages on Houzz

Have some fun with your cottage decorating

Have some fun with your cottage decorating

I have created 46 Ideabooks on the Houzz site to give you ideas and inspiration for your Muskoka cottage.
Houzz is a wonderful web site full of ideas, and I can also upload my own pictures of Muskoka cottages into my Houzz Ideabooks.

Go to and look along the left side of the home page to see the Houzz button. That button takes you to my Ideabooks for Muskoka cottages on the Houzz site.

Some of my Ideabooks are Privacy, Gardens, Decks, Muskoka Rooms, Cottage Lighting, Cottage Styles, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Wall Ideas, Construction Ideas, Outdoor Showers, and many more.

The Ideabooks cover all sizes and styles of cottages. Traditional cottage decor is covered as well as modern styles. Keeping this site fresh and updates is an ongoing task that I enjoy, so I hope you find it to be a useful resource when you are looking for inspiration for your cottage.

Drop Down Windows for Your Muskoka Cottage

We are very excited to be getting our new drop down windows very soon. These new windows are going into our Muskoka room, which is on a second storey, with a covered porch below it. We were amazed to find that they could be used in this application. Actually, our Builder Rob Borne, worked withContinue Reading

An Inexpensive Addition (That is Environmentally Sound)

If you could use more space at your cottage in the summer months, consider making an very inexpensive addition to your cottage, that will not raise your taxes. Buy a tipi or a tent. One of the important things about the cottage, is that it be a different experience than the experience of home. UsingContinue Reading

New Cottage Woodshed

John made a new wood shed for us. He created the design himself and so it is a very simple pattern, that anyone could easily make with minimal hand tools. He made it in two separate sections, so that we could carry it more easily, or we could move it to a different spot, inContinue Reading

Caring For Your Trees

We have prepared an article entitled “Caring for your Trees” to help you find local services. Please click the link to check it out! Thanks for reading.

Surviving a Storm (using a generator)

The clouds thicken and the thunder echoes across the lake. The trees stand out in sharp contrast to the blackening sky, and the air takes on that special quality that is the calm before the storm. In Muskoka, storms over the lake are an amazing fireworks display. Unfortunately these storms play havoc with our powerContinue Reading

Staying Ahead of Your Contractor

If you are entering into a construction project, you are in for a very busy time. It is very difficult to make all the decisions that need to be made regarding which windows you want, what style you want the ceiling in each room to be, what you want the trim to look like, whichContinue Reading