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Save Your Hostas from the Deer

It is time to spray your hostas and other garden plants with 1 egg to 1/2 cp water, blended vigorously, to keep the deer from eating them. Hostas are a favourite with the deer, but I have not had even a nibble on any of my plants since I started spraying with this egg and water mixture. There are lots of deer in our area but they avoid my gardens now.

If you spray while the sun is out, the egg dries on the leaves and lasts at least a month. It makes the leaves shiny just like putting egg wash on a pie. I usually spray in late June and again in late July, in order to cover all the new growth.

Don’t let your beautiful plants be ruined by the deer. This simple inexpensive spray will work if you get it on early enough that the deer are not used to eating at your property.

Muskoka Docks

Damage and Reconstruction

If a cottage, boathouse or dock is damaged and has to be taken down, there is a limited time within which it must be reconstructed. If one of your old docks fall apart, don’t delay in getting it rebuilt, or you may find you have lost to right to have it with any grandfathered rights to location or coverage. Simply having the cribs still sitting in the water is not enough. Check with your Municipality to know what the time limit is you have to maintain your grandfathered rights to coverage or location. You would hate to have a situation in which you have lost some of the value of your property because you were not timely in rebuilding a dock or outbuilding in a grandfathered situation.

The Geese are Back in Muskoka and Looking for a Home

The Muskoka Lakes Association’s latest newsletter has a great article about how to avoid Canada geese at your waterfront. Canada geese are very messy birds if they take up residence at your waterfront. The sheer volume of their feces (28 times a day) contaminates the water and makes the grass and docks a gucky mess.Continue Reading

Higher Water-Consider Turning Your Hydro off in Your Boathouses

We were hoping that the flood waters in Muskoka would begin to subside today, but that is not to be, for awhile. Flooding is a major problem across Muskoka where the rivers are. Low lying roads close to the rivers are closed, and many people are trapped in their cottage/home or else they cannot getContinue Reading

Best Time for Crib Repair

This is the ideal time of year for crib dock repair. The ice is thick and safe to drive and work on, and the sun is shining, so it is great to be working outside. We are out on the ice near Mortimer’s Point on Lake Muskoka. Rob Borne, of Robert Borne Construction, is usingContinue Reading

The Ice is Still Building on the Lakes

You can see our car out on the Lake Muskoka near Mortimer’s Point. We are driving on a construction road over the ice. The ice was only 24 inches, a couple of weeks ago, and the weather was mild, and so we predicted an early ice out. Since that time, the weather has been soContinue Reading

Big Lake Sale Prices Continue Up

It is increasingly expensive to cottage on Muskoka’s largest lakes In 2007, 3% of Lake Muskoka cottage sales, 7% of Lake Rosseau cottage sales, and 7% of Lake Joseph cottage sales were for prices between $2,500,000 and $3,000.000 21% of Lake Muskoka cottage sales, 35% of Lake Rossaaeu cottage sales, and 45% of Lake JosephContinue Reading

Money Grows on Trees

There was an interesting article in the Toronto Star recently about the replacement value of trees. The presence or absence of trees greatly affects both the real estate value and the livability of your property. Trees clean the air, stem water runoff into the lake, provide shade for cooling the exterior and interior of theContinue Reading