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It’s Free…In Celebration of Canada’s 150 Birthday
37th Annual Vintage Boat Show
July 4-9, 2017
Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst, Ontario

Don’t miss the best in-water boat show in Canada….and it’s right here in Gravenhurst
Most of the boats in this show reside in boathouses on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau or Lake Joseph and are regularly used by their families on the lakes for daily running around, or for touring when guests are at the cottage.
We are so lucky to have families who care for and tend these gorgeous pieces of artwork.
Muskoka antique boats are among the best in the world, and win prizes in competitions all over the world.
So don’t miss your chance to see them, in the water, all in one place! See you in Gravenhurst at the boat show!

MLA Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Muskoka Lakes Association has a new challenge for kids with its Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt.Check it out on their website.

What a great idea. This is such a good way to get kids paying attention to and appreciating all the beauty and diversity in Muskoka. This challenge can keep kids gainfully engaged for many hours in the summer.

Well Done MLA!

Whether or not your kids and grandkids enter this contest, it is still a worthwhile idea to explore within your own family, giving direction and purpose to photography over the summer. If you don’t care for the MLA categories, select the ones that suit your family.
Have a special dinner at the end of the summer to share the photos. It doesn’t have to be a contest, it can simply be motivation for taking and sharing interesting photography

Support our Steamships

Don’t forget to support our steamships by planning a cruise with friends or family this year. We make it a practice to take a cruise each year to show our appreciation of having these magnificent ships on our lakes. You can plan a dinner cruise or the shorter afternoon cruise, or one of their specialtyContinue Reading

Muskoka Lodges and Hotels

Seeing this lovely old lodge on Kahshe Lake, reminded me of all the gorgeous old lodges that used to dot the big and small lakes across Muskoka, and across the northern United States. Since there was a Dirty Dancing remake on television on the weekend, I guess that the nostalgia of lodge settings was freshContinue Reading

The Geese are Back in Muskoka and Looking for a Home

The Muskoka Lakes Association’s latest newsletter has a great article about how to avoid Canada geese at your waterfront. Canada geese are very messy birds if they take up residence at your waterfront. The sheer volume of their feces (28 times a day) contaminates the water and makes the grass and docks a gucky mess.Continue Reading

Flooding in Muskoka Again May 6th 2017

This rain is causing the water levels in Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph to rise again. The picture of Lake Joseph is on Hamills Point Road where we just listed a cottage…..and you can see that while the water is up, it generally is not over dock tops on Lake Joseph yet. ItContinue Reading

Flooding on Lake Muskoka in Spring 2017

The waters of Lake Muskoka have risen well over the tops of our docks again this spring causing problems for many Muskoka cottagers yet again. If you have a boathouse on Lake Muskoka be sure to get your boathouse door up and out of the water, to protect it, and secure anything in the boathouseContinue Reading

Muskoka Ice-out Dates If you are interested in the ice out dates for Muskoka, email me and I will send you an interesting chart showing the ice-out dates since 1897 Earliest Recorded Ice-Out Date: March 23, 2012 • Latest Recorded Ice-Out Date: May 7, 1926 • Average Recorded Ice-Out Date: April 19 • 89%Continue Reading