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Bad Year for Ticks so Beware

We have been told that this is going to be an espeically bad year for ticks, and your Muskoka cottage is an easy place to come in contact with ticks. Partially this is because of the proliferation of the white footed mouse, which along with our multitudes of deer, are a preferred host for ticks.

Children’s outdoor play, golf and gardening are some of the riskiest activities for getting lyme disease from ticks, so remember to stay out of long grass and weedy areas. Ticks dry out quickly and so they prefer moist areas.

People who are in the habit of showering immediately after outdoor activities are less likely to get Lyme disease, perhaps because they can check their body and catch any biting ticks before the little critters have had time to transmit the disease to you.

Check your children carefully for tick bites daily.

Make sure you check your pets as well.

Finding a lost ball in the long grass at your the golf course is not worth the risk of Lyme disease. Balls are cheap and Lyme disease can affect you for many years.

Muskoka Lodges and Hotels

Seeing this lovely old lodge on Kahshe Lake, reminded me of all the gorgeous old lodges that used to dot the big and small lakes across Muskoka, and across the northern United States.

Since there was a Dirty Dancing remake on television on the weekend, I guess that the nostalgia of lodge settings was fresh in my mind.
It is sad to see a building going to ruin after having provided such wonderful memories of dining, dancing and waterfront activities to a few generations of families.

Among Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph alone, there were more than 100 large hotels or small lodges that brought industry to Muskoka and summertime thrills to legions of families.

Lodges make me think of lemonade, home cooked meals, checkered table cloths, simple water craft like canoes and sail boats, singalongs and euchre. Life was simple in those ways. Egg salad sandwiches , tomato soup and jello for dessert was often on the menu

Do you remember names like Stanley House and Stoney Brae House on Lake Joseph, Morinus House and Thorel House on Lake Rosseau, or Roseneath Manor, Wingberry House and Clovelly Inn on Lake Muskoka?

There are very few of the old names of lodges and hotels still in existence. If you are not familiar with them, make a point of seeing the ones that still exist like Windermere House, Clevelands House, Patterson Kaye Lodge, Rocky Crest, and others.

The Geese are Back in Muskoka and Looking for a Home

The Muskoka Lakes Association’s latest newsletter has a great article about how to avoid Canada geese at your waterfront. Canada geese are very messy birds if they take up residence at your waterfront. The sheer volume of their feces (28 times a day) contaminates the water and makes the grass and docks a gucky mess.Continue Reading

Lake Muskoka Boathouse in Flood

This is how high the water got inside our boathouse this year. Almost 8 inches over the dock. One week ago the water was finally low enough that we could ask to have our big Stanley boat put into the water and not worry that it would float over the top of the dock andContinue Reading

Inexpensive Way to Do Wood Ceilings in your Muskoka Cottage

Photo by Sylco Cabinetry – Browse beach style bedroom photos Creating interest and texture through a “wood look”on a drywall ceiling, by adding battens is a great way to make a Muskoka cottage room more visually warm and traditional in appearance. Battens can be applied to a drywall ceiling quite inexpensively, making the ceiling seemContinue Reading

Great Televsion Show Starts Saturday, Planet Earth 2

For all the nature lovers out there, there is a great television program coming out soon. Don’t forget that Planet Earth II starts this Saturday on BBC. The trailer is amazing, and it is available online now to give you a tantalizing peek into the full program. I understand it took 16 months of filmingContinue Reading

Really Warm Weather in Muskoka

With fluctuations in weather that are so dramatic these days, be very careful when venturing out on the ice in Muskoka. It is always best to take an auger to check the ice depth before you go on the lakes.

Ice on Lake Muskoka Gone Enough for Boating- Welcome Back Islanders

There is a small amount of ice still lingering in the lake out towards the point, but you can easily boat around it when leaving Indianhead Marina. In fact we saw a jet ski whip out there yesterday afternoon The beaver swam over to our boathouse from the marina and slapped his tail at usContinue Reading