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Muskoka Ice-out Dates

If you are interested in the ice out dates for Muskoka, email me and I will send you an interesting chart showing the ice-out dates since 1897

Earliest Recorded Ice-Out Date: March 23, 2012

• Latest Recorded Ice-Out Date: May 7, 1926

• Average Recorded Ice-Out Date: April 19

• 89% of Ice-Outs occurred in the month of April

• Most frequent Ice-Out dates:
April 21 (10 years)
April 17 (9 years)
April 16 (8 years)

• The long term trend is toward earlier Ice-Out dates

Ice out dates can vary greatly

• The past decade has had the earliest average Ice-Out date on record

Muskoka Ice Out Conditions April 25th 2014



This is not a very good picture, however, I had to take it through the screen of the Muskoka room…… as the pathway to the boathouse is under water, and so I can’t take the shot of the lake from the top of the boathouse as I would have liked to.

As you can see the ice is there halfway out of our bay.

Yesterday Brackenrig Bay in Lake Rosseau was still totally covered in ice

Our boathouse sits a little bit low and so your docks or boathouses may not be as far under the water as ours is. At the end of our dock we have a bollard that is about 5 inches high and the very top of it is still showing above the water.

Tim Forwell told me that from his cottage near Torrance, he can see open water in all directions, and no ice. He saw boat go to Bass Island today.

Here, closer to Indianhead, there is still a lot of ice, except at the mouth of the river. It is darkening in colour a great deal, so it is really deteriorating quickly. A boat went from George Road landing out to Eileen Gowan Island on Wednesday, and that was the first boat we are aware of in this area. It will be a couple of days before boats can get out of Indnianhead I think.

I will post everyday until the ice is out…. so that the eager islanders know the conditions and can know when they can get out to their beloved cottage.

Water is a sight for sore eyes after this long winter


Fresh Snow In Muskoka

  It snowed over night and most of the day Monday and Tuesday this week. Although it is like a beautiful winter wonderland, it is not what I was wanting on April 15th 2014 I was expecting to be examining my Lady’s Mantle peeking its bright green heads up in the garden. Speaking of gardens,Continue Reading

Warning From The Ministry of Natural Resources About Conditions in Muskoka

We want to make sure that you are informed of any potential flooding in Muskoka, and so we are forwarding to you this warning from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Is everything in your boathouse, and at your dock, secured in case of flooding over the next month? Do you have plastic barrels to weighContinue Reading

Heavy Snow Can Mean Flooding

The very heavy snows in Muskoka this winter can mean that there will be flooding again this spring, especially in the Muskoka River and in Lake Muskoka as they carry so much water from the entire Muskoka watershed. The lake has been lowered, however if rains come at the same time as very warm weather,Continue Reading

February Snow 2014

The snow has been nonstop this winter. Not all cottage roofs are engineered to take this kind of snow load and so you should be careful to make a good decision about whether you need to have your roof shovelled off or not. You can contact us if you need assistance with names of peopleContinue Reading

A Boat Went Into the Water at Indianhead Marina Today

A overly zealous boater put a boat into the water at Indianhead Marina today in anticipation of the ice going out of the lake soon. He has only about 200 feet of open water right now, but I suppose he is hopnig that with this mild weather and the heavy rains, he will be ableContinue Reading

Hardy Muskoka Islanders

In Muskoka, Islanders are a tough and devoted lot. Many love to be at the cottage as much as possible and do not let ice, hail, sleet, or snow stop them. Boating to a party on New Year’s Eve on Lake Muskoka can be considered to be great fun.