Lake Muskoka Water still Rising

Be careful about asking to have your boat put in the water at Lake Muskoka marinas.
This is a picture of a boat at a dock at Indianhead Marina. The docks are underwater!
Since it is going to rain today and tomorrow in Muskoka, and there is a lot of water still rushing over the dam at Bracebridge, the water in Lake Muskoka is surely going to rise over the next two days, if not longer.
As the water goes up, your boat can float over the dock and when the water recedes, your boat can be left partially over the dock, potentially damaging both the dock and the bottom of your boat. Darren, at Indianhead, says it can be very difficult to get the boat off the dock at that point.

Consider delaying having your boat put into the water. If the marina advises you to delay having your boat put in the water, maybe you should listen to them!

The water in Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph has not gone up like it has in Lake Muskoka, as Lake Muskoka receives the water from the entire watershed, which then passes out of Lake Muskoka at Bala into the Moon RIver on its way to Georgian Bay

Flooding on Lake Muskoka in Spring 2017

The waters of Lake Muskoka have risen well over the tops of our docks again this spring causing problems for many Muskoka cottagers yet again. If you have a boathouse on Lake Muskoka be sure to get your boathouse door up and out of the water, to protect it, and secure anything in the boathouse that could float away
The good news is that the water did not rise until after the ice was out, so there will not be the extent of damage that there was in the spring of 2016 to boathouses all over Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph.
Still, it is discouraging that this is the 5th spring in a row that our docks have been under water. Standing in water is hard on the wood and the paint, requiring additional upkeep and cost.

We have heard that the runoff has crested and hope to see the waters begin to recede soon. Steve’s cottage on Lake Rosseau has not been affected like this, so we believe it is only the Muskoka River, Lake Muskoka, and the Moon River that are affected.

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Really Warm Weather in Muskoka

With fluctuations in weather that are so dramatic these days, be very careful when venturing out on the ice in Muskoka. It is always best to take an auger to check the ice depth before you go on the lakes.

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