Muskoka Ice-out Dates

If you are interested in the ice out dates for Muskoka, email me and I will send you an interesting chart showing the ice-out dates since 1897

Earliest Recorded Ice-Out Date: March 23, 2012

• Latest Recorded Ice-Out Date: May 7, 1926

• Average Recorded Ice-Out Date: April 19

• 89% of Ice-Outs occurred in the month of April

• Most frequent Ice-Out dates:
April 21 (10 years)
April 17 (9 years)
April 16 (8 years)

• The long term trend is toward earlier Ice-Out dates

Ice out dates can vary greatly

• The past decade has had the earliest average Ice-Out date on record

Inexpensive Way to Do Wood Ceilings in your Muskoka Cottage

Creating interest and texture through a “wood look”on a drywall ceiling, by adding battens is a great way to make a Muskoka cottage room more visually warm and traditional in appearance. Battens can be applied to a drywall ceiling quite inexpensively, making the ceiling seem to be all made of wood, in a board and batten style. This is the least expensive way to achieve the look of a wood ceiling in your cottage.


Great Televsion Show Starts Saturday, Planet Earth 2

For all the nature lovers out there, there is a great television program coming out soon. Don’t forget that Planet Earth II starts this Saturday on BBC. The trailer is amazing, and it is available online now to give you a tantalizing peek into the full program. I understand it took 16 months of filmingContinue Reading

Strong Cottage Sales in Muskoka

The total number of cottages sold on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph in 2016 was up 23% from 2015 making it the best year overall since we started tracking cottage sales in 2000. The growth was spread across all three of the “Big Lakes” with Lake Muskoka unit sales up 6.5%, but theContinue Reading

Really Warm Weather in Muskoka

With fluctuations in weather that are so dramatic these days, be very careful when venturing out on the ice in Muskoka. It is always best to take an auger to check the ice depth before you go on the lakes.

Good News For Muskoka Cottagers

  Good News for Muskoka Cottagers The good news, assuming you already own waterfront property here on a big lake in Muskoka, is that despite the financial market gyrations, the average selling price of a cottage on one of the big 3 lakes in Muskoka has increased by more than 50% since 2004. Specifically, cottagesContinue Reading

Ice on Lake Muskoka Gone Enough for Boating- Welcome Back Islanders

There is a small amount of ice still lingering in the lake out towards the point, but you can easily boat around it when leaving Indianhead Marina. In fact we saw a jet ski whip out there yesterday afternoon The beaver swam over to our boathouse from the marina and slapped his tail at usContinue Reading

Muskoka-April 26th Update for Ice Conditions

The ice is still very much ice covering Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph, but Lake Muskoka has so much fast running water coming in through the Muskoka river, that it seems to be opening faster than the upper lakes. There is easily twice as much of Lake Muskoka open today than there was was yesterday, however, theContinue Reading