Bad Year for Ticks so Beware

We have been told that this is going to be an espeically bad year for ticks, and your Muskoka cottage is an easy place to come in contact with ticks. Partially this is because of the proliferation of the white footed mouse, which along with our multitudes of deer, are a preferred host for ticks.Continue Reading

Muskoka Lodges and Hotels

Seeing this lovely old lodge on Kahshe Lake, reminded me of all the gorgeous old lodges that used to dot the big and small lakes across Muskoka, and across the northern United States. Since there was a Dirty Dancing remake on television on the weekend, I guess that the nostalgia of lodge settings was freshContinue Reading

The Geese are Back in Muskoka and Looking for a Home

The Muskoka Lakes Association’s latest newsletter has a great article about how to avoid Canada geese at your waterfront. Canada geese are very messy birds if they take up residence at your waterfront. The sheer volume of their feces (28 times a day) contaminates the water and makes the grass and docks a gucky mess.Continue Reading

Flooding in Muskoka Again May 6th 2017

This rain is causing the water levels in Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph to rise again. The picture of Lake Joseph is on Hamills Point Road where we just listed a cottage…..and you can see that while the water is up, it generally is not over dock tops on Lake Joseph yet. ItContinue Reading

Lake Muskoka Boathouse in Flood

This is how high the water got inside our boathouse this year. Almost 8 inches over the dock. One week ago the water was finally low enough that we could ask to have our big Stanley boat put into the water and not worry that it would float over the top of the dock andContinue Reading

Lake Muskoka Water still Rising

Be careful about asking to have your boat put in the water at Lake Muskoka marinas. This is a picture of a boat at a dock at Indianhead Marina. The docks are underwater! Since it is going to rain today and tomorrow in Muskoka, and there is a lot of water still rushing over theContinue Reading

Flooding on Lake Muskoka in Spring 2017

The waters of Lake Muskoka have risen well over the tops of our docks again this spring causing problems for many Muskoka cottagers yet again. If you have a boathouse on Lake Muskoka be sure to get your boathouse door up and out of the water, to protect it, and secure anything in the boathouseContinue Reading

Muskoka Ice-out Dates If you are interested in the ice out dates for Muskoka, email me and I will send you an interesting chart showing the ice-out dates since 1897 Earliest Recorded Ice-Out Date: March 23, 2012 • Latest Recorded Ice-Out Date: May 7, 1926 • Average Recorded Ice-Out Date: April 19 • 89%Continue Reading