We write newsletters that are useful to Muskoka cottagers. Our newsletter content ranges from Municipal news like bylaw changes, to big lake sales statistics, to decorating/construction ideas, to local events, to handy tips for cottagers. Over 5000 cottagers receive our newsletters which includes the e-mail recipients.

To download our Muskoka newsletters as PDF files, right-click the newsletter’s thumbnail below and choose “save target as.” As our newsletters are completed, we will post them in this section. If you would like to be notified when new newsletters or Special Reports are released, please contact us. 

March 2014

March 2014 Muskoka Real Estate Newsletter from Thelma

  • Waterfront Costs
  • 2013 Cottage Sales Review
  • Warning- Township of Muskoka Lakes and Seguin Bylaw Changes Soon
  • 46 Idea Books for Your Muskoka Cottage
  • Healthy and Easy Cottage Dinners with a Gefu Spirelli
  • Bubblers- The Good and The Bad
  • Important Notice for Many Canadians Who Spend Time in the US
  • Meet Steve Taylor

September 2013

Sept 2013 Muskoka Newsletter from Thelma

  • Old Pictures of Port Carling
  • What We Learned in the 2013 Spring Flood
  • Cottage Fire Safety Assistance
  • Let Alarm Pro Help You See Your Cottage All Winter
  • Gemthane Decking and Siding
  • Use Your Camera for Protection-A Fall Project
  • Need to Get Away this Winter?
  • Someone in the Family Having Twins- Online Supportive Ideas
  • Tim Horton’s Coming To Port Carling
  • Goldenrod for Fall Colour non allergenic, deer proof, likes poor soil
  • Viburnums and Ninebarks
  • Stairway Danger
  • To Bubble or Not to Bubble

July 2013

July 2013 Jarvis Muskoka Newsletter Emailable

  • Two Really Canadian Drinks for your Cottage Guests
  • Muskoka Car Rally
  • Scavenger Hunt by Boat
  • Walking Tours of Port Carling
  • Nincompoop Fertilizer
  • Train Like an Astronnaut at Your Cottage
  • Harold and Lorna- A Great DVD for Your Muskoka Collection
  • Safe Boating- An Experiment Worth Your Life
  • Small Additions Can Make Big Differences- “ Bump Out”
  • BBQ Safety
  • Fireplace Safety Warning
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Township of Muskoka Lakes Bylaw Changes Possible Soon

May 2013

Jarvis May 2013 Newsletter emailable

  • Muskoka’s spring Flooding
  • Succulent Container Gardens in Muskoka
  • Seedling Day
  • Muskoka Heritage Foundation Cottage Tour
  • How to Avoid a Major Flood Catastrophe at the Cottage
  • Easy Succulents Gardens for Muskoka
  • Spring Cleaning Your Computer
  • Organic Solution to Sensitive Documents Disposal
  • 33rd Annual Antique And Classic Boat Show
  • 10 Trends in Muskoka Landscape Architecture
  • Hints To Stop Septic Problems

March 2013

March 2013 Emailable Muskoka Newsletter from Thelma

  • Non-Resident Cottage Sales
  • Making a Good First Impression at Your Cottage
  • Finally Found Great Toilet and Will Share Our Research
  • Eliminating Cottage Odours
  • Organic Deodorizers
  • Sleep Your Weight Off
  • Low Maintenance Container Gardens
  • Plans for a Woodshed
  • Building YourWillpower is Easier Than You Thought
  • Iconically Canadian Children’s Books
  • Sunday Edition on CBC Radio

September 2012

September 2012 Newsletter for Muskoka from Thelma

  • What Your Need to Know About Fires in Muskoka
  • Make Sure You Know About Your Cottage ROW
  • How to Combat Drought in Your Muskoka Garden
  • Truly Native Grasses
  • Get Ready for Snow or Travel-South
  • Rejuvenation in Muskoka
  • Need Help with Heating?
  • Great Book for Children Coming to the Cottage in Winter
  • Actively Teaching Optimism Protects your Children

July 2012

July 2012 Muskoka Newsletter from Thelma

  • A Health and Exercise Remedy Made for
  • Muskoka
  • Reusable Container Gardening
  • Consider Adding
  • Art to Your
  • Landscape
  • Slow Your Aging-Voice Exercises
  • Some To do’s to Keep Your Cottage Safe
  • Let the Sun Power Your Evening
  • Roasted Tomato Caprese
  • Salad
  • New Restaurant on the Water

May 2012

May 2012 Muskoka Newsletter from Thelma

  • What Your Should Know About Opinions of Value and Market Value Assessments
  • Keep Deer from Your Muskoka Garden
  • Frameless Glass Porches
  • New Boat Tops
  • How MLS Serves You
  • How to Get the Most for Your Money with a Cottage Survey

March 2012

March 2012 Muskoka Newsletter Emailable

  • Sales Statistics
  • Preserving Muskoka’s History
  • Starting Kids Water Skiing Early
  • Nautical Lighting Ideas
  • Inexpensive Vacations
  • Nest Thermostat Can Save You Money
  • Your Assessed Frontage May Not Match Your Survey
  • Do Your Know About Your Cottage’s SRA


September 2011

  • Thanksgiving Family Activity
  • Higher Priced Properties Continue to Fly Off The Market
  • Restoring Your Wooden Boat
  • Comfortable and Stylish Golf Shoes
  • Your Cottage Maintenance Costs
  • Cooking With No Effort
  • Fine Custom Carpentry
  • Taking a Winter Holiday?
  • “Train the Monkey” When You Are Young

July 2011

  • Muskoka Heritage Foundation Tour
  • Real Estate Market Lagging
  • Storm Damage in Muskoka
  • An Outdoor Room, With A View
  • Helpful Cottage Tips
  • Winter Warnings Apply to Summer Fun
  • Oil Tank Blues

May 2011

  • Great Beginnings
  • Buy Mojito Mint Now
  • Helpful Cottage Tidbits
  • Great Waterproof Sneakers
  • Cottage Drive – You Can Be Asleep And Not Even Know It
  • Look More Youthful

March 2011

  • A Great Year for Rosseau
  • Murray’s Wisdom About Boat Chrome
  • How We Survived… The Blue Screen Of Death
  • Balance Yourself To Enjoy Muskoka
  • A Great New Muskoka Cottage Kayak
  • Do You Use “211”
  • A New and Worthwhile Children’s Book for Cottage Reading

May 2010

  • A Fast Start to the 2010 Muskoka Real Estate Market
  • Lake Rosseau Cottage Tour
  • Our Maps are Ready!
  • Letters From Your Grandchildren
  • Custom Furniture Can Be Very Inexpensive
  • Cottage Gifts
  • Floh Club and Your Muskoka Choice
  • By Law Change
  • Interesting Opportunity Based On An Old Idea

March 2010

  • 2009 Statistics
  • Lucky Draw Winners Announced
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Costly Mistakes Can Be Avoided
  • Our New Map
  • Tip: Kill Ants Without Poison
  • New Special Report – Construction Contract

November 2009


  • Drive Safely To The Cottage
  • The 4th Turning
  • Enhancing Privacy at the Cottage
  • Quick Cottage Friday Night Dinner
  • Something Old and Something New

September 2009


  • How Was Summer 2009 Real Estate?
  • Keep Years of Cottage Memories Alive
  • Improve Daily Enjoyment and Add Value
  • Activities For The Fall
  • Upscaling
  • Make Your Drive to the Cottage More Interesting

July 2009


  • Cottage Sales
  • Foil the Worms!
  • Bring Outdoors In
  • Hidden Veggies for Your Health
  • Listen; It’s a Sign of Love
  • Water Tests Can Affect You
  • Geo-caching With Your Kids
  • Shoelaces That Don’t Slip

May 2009


  • Cottage Sales
  • Win $25,000.00 or a monthly prize of $500.00
  • Sleep Well at the Cottage
  • Way to Appreciate and Protect Muskoka
  • Draw
  • Be Prepared!

March 2009


  • Number of Cottages Sold
  • 2008 – The Year of Change
  • Highest, Average and Lowest Sale Prices on the 3 Big Lakes
  • 2008 Gross Sales for 7 Years on the 3 Big Lakes
  • Two Sales, Two Years
  • Special Announcement
  • Muskoka Assessments
  • Wholesome, Easy, Inexpensive, and Light Dinners
  • Walking the Lakes

November 2008


  • Keep Tabs on the Muskoka Real Estate Market
  • New Annual Testing and Inspection Requirements
  • Wallet Card
  • First You See Them, Then You Don’t
  • How Do You Get There From Here?
  • Potable Water at Your Cottage
  • Need Some Inspiration?

September 2008


  • New Boat Bylaws and Tree Cutting Bylawsin Muskoka Lakes
  • Track Your Investment
  • Slipcovers
  • Recycling Your Annuals
  • Thanksgiving or Hallowe’en Smoothie
  • Chimney Maintenance
  • “It was a dark and stormy night…”

July 2008


  • Sales on the Three Big Lakes: Jan 08 – May 08
  • Yearly Sales Comparitives: Jan 08 – May 08
  • Healthy Eating with no Fuss
  • What Makes a Cottage Appealing
  • Help For Diversity of Diets
  • Stimulating Dinner Conversation
  • Act in Time
  • A Celebrity Glen Home Resort

May 2008


  • First Quarter Sales of 2008 on the Big Lakes
  • Paper Composting
  • Isn’t it Just Too Good To Be True?(Reverse Mortgages)
  • Three Vital Steps to Use When Selecting a Builder
  • Low Cost Shed and/or Bunkie
  • Dave Langford’s Secrets (Special Report: How to Get Great Hotels for Low Prices)
  • Book: Do you Have More Than The Average Number of Feet?
  • Waste Not, Want Not – Eat What is in Your Fridge

March 2008


  • Strange Weather is Now the Norm
  • Price Spread of 2007 Big Lake Sales (Chart)
  • Make Yourself Heart Healthy with a One-Minute Breakfast
  • How Do Small Lakes Compare?
  • Wooden Boats
  • High, then Low
  • Ice Out Dates
  • Have You Paid the Rent on your Two-Storey Boathouse?
  • Time is Ticking By

January 2008


  • Highest, Average, and Lowest Sale Prices on the Big Lakes (Graph)
  • You Made Money!
  • Cottage Insurance, a Burning Issue
  • Gross Sales on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph (Graph)
  • Your Emergency Contact Information will be There When Needed
  • Bargains on Cameras
  • Green as Solid Value
  • Learn with Your Friends

November 2007


  • Real Estate Statistics
  • The Power Pod
  • The Muskoka Map
  • New Help For Your Car or Boat
  • Boat or Car Safety and Convenience
  • Drive Wise
  • Save Driving Requires a Clean Windshield Interior
  • A Cottage is Not a Piggy Bank

September 2007


  • Family Photo Show
  • Clean Boathouse
  • Free Organic Fertilizer
  • Rain Gardens for Rain Storms
  • A Construction Encyclopedia
  • Do Not Cut Back Your Perennials!
  • Money Does Grow On Trees
  • A Guide to Help You Build

July 2007


  • Understanding Design
  • Number of MLS Sales on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph
  • Nautical Candle Holder
  • How’s Real Estate in Muskoka This Summer?
  • Razzamatazz (Purple Coneflowers)
  • Hummer Tours
  • A Tour of Muskoka From The Sky!
  • A Guide to Help You Build

May 2007


  • Segwun’s Regular Check-up
  • Two New Special Reports for Gardeners
  • More Control of Lake Water Quality
  • Township of Muskoka Lakes Municipal News
  • Magnetic Playing Cards
  • Spring or Summer Wedding Coming Up?
  • First Quarter Real Estate Report
  • A Gift for a Friend
  • A Walk in the Clouds
  • A Party for Muggles

March 2007


  • Sales Prices Have Almost Doubled!
  • Chart: Highest, Average, and Lowest Sales Prices on the Big Lakes (see all of our Big Lake Statistics, updated March, 2007!)
  • Cottage Values Have Been Steadily Rising
  • Have You Always Wanted a Wooden Boat, but…
  • Have You Collected The Ice Out Dates Since 1995?
  • Spring or Summer Wedding Coming Up?
  • Help Your Family By Giving The Gift of Kindness to Another Family
  • Previews of Special Reports

January 2007


  • 2006 Real Estate Sales Statistics
  • The Gift of International Travel-
  • The Next Big Thing- (Book: The Dance of Molecules)
  • Car Control Schools-
  • Dog Sledding Adventure-
  • Bath Salts
  • Book Review:- How to Pay Less for Just About Anything
  • Book Review:- Struck by Lightning
  • Thank You Message

November 2006


  • Not Knowing Your By-Laws CanCost You Money
  • Money-Wise Decks
  • Convenience and Money Saving
  • Is It Time To Sell?
  • Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire (Smoke Detectors)
  • Cottage Insurance
  • Old Fashioned Sometimes Works Best (Telephones)
  • Unique Gifts
  • Solar Power Storm Backup

September 2006


  • Storm Damage
  • Preview: How to Survive Power Outages
  • Drink Wine and Eat Chocolate
  • Muskoka’s Past – Does It Have A Future?
  • Baby Bijoux Life Vests
  • 3-In-1 Windows
  • All You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Cottage
  • Linda Liebel: An Excellent Resource
  • Lake Muskoka – Featured Listings

July 2006


  • Making the Most of Muskoka
  • By-Law Changes
  • Safety Turtle Wrist Band
  • Healthy Seasonal Deserts
  • Sweet Heat

May 2006


  • Cottage Babies Could Be In Danger
  • Important Dates For Your Calendar
  • So How Are Cottage Sales This Year?
  • A Speedy Way To Freshen Your Cottage Walls
  • Get Cracking – Don’t Share Your Garden With The Deer
  • A Clever Way To Save Money When Creating Planters

March 2006


  • Wasted Days & Wasted Nights
  • You Could Save A Life
  • Oh Deer! It’s Not Bambi!
  • Protect Yourself

February 2006


  • Lake Muskoka Real Estate Sales
  • New Year, New Cottage Kitchen
  • Emergency Supplies To Keep In Your Car
  • Smoke Alarms On Each Floor
  • Sad News Of A Historical Loss

November 2005


  • The Muskoka Real Estate Market
  • Considering A Cottage Renovation?
  • Unique Gift Ideas For Cottagers
  • Is Your Cottage Safe? Perhaps Not.
  • Do You Wish Your Cottage Had Wooden Walls? Try This!

August 2005


  • Muskoka Tradesource
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Design Your Own Dinnerware
  • A Seat Of Honour
  • Free Beer!
  • Beer Can Chicken
  • BBQ Hygienically
  • An Eye In The Sky
  • One Step At A Time To Protect Muskoka
  • Capture The Feeling – A Gift Idea