Save Your Hostas from the Deer

It is time to spray your hostas and other garden plants with 1 egg to 1/2 cp water, blended vigorously, to keep the deer from eating them. Hostas are a favourite with the deer, but I have not had even a nibble on any of my plants since I started spraying with this egg and water mixture. There are lots of deer in our area but they avoid my gardens now.

If you spray while the sun is out, the egg dries on the leaves and lasts at least a month. It makes the leaves shiny just like putting egg wash on a pie. I usually spray in late June and again in late July, in order to cover all the new growth.

Don’t let your beautiful plants be ruined by the deer. This simple inexpensive spray will work if you get it on early enough that the deer are not used to eating at your property.

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