Second Home Study in Muskoka

Second Home Study

If you read your latest newsletter from the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) you will see this information about the new Second Home Study the District is doing.
You can get a paper copy to complete, if you like, or do the survey online
As cottagers you want a voice to address goverance, tax, and development issues that affect you as a cottage owner in Muskoka.

(Taken from MLA newsletter)
In an effort to understand the seasonal population better, the District of Muskoka has developed an on-line survey called the ‘Second Home Study’. NOTE: There are more seasonal residents in the Muskoka region than permanent residents, and the District recognizes the significant contribution of the seasonal population. The survey is expected to take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and will provide vital information which will help formulate future governance decisions; in particular the composition of District Council (see item below for more information on this). The survey is on-line until August 31st.
The results of the survey will be made available on the District’s website before the end of 2017. The District also has paper copies of the survey if you require one.
The MLA cannot stress enough the importance of filling out this survey. Your input will help shape future governance, taxes and economic development in Muskoka. Please make sure to complete the survey by August 31st .

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