Support our Steamships

Don’t forget to support our steamships by planning a cruise with friends or family this year.
We make it a practice to take a cruise each year to show our appreciation of having these magnificent ships on our lakes.

You can plan a dinner cruise or the shorter afternoon cruise, or one of their specialty or adventure cruises.
When you have company, don’t forget the excitement for kids of seeing the pirates on the ship do battle with cottagers when you take the Sunday morning Pirate Cruise.

The Steamship Company has a wide variety of special events so there is a cruise to meet every interest.

Whenever you go, you will have a wonderful time seeing these ships up close and relaxing as they silently display the magnificence of Muskoka to you. They are such an important part of our Muskoka Heritage, and supporting them is a pleasure.

Call 705-687-6667 to explore all the opportunities available.

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